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No two dogs are the same. With Impackt Dog Training, you can customize your training package to best suit your needs and the needs of your dog. We can help with a multitude of training goals and behavior concerns, from basic obedience and leash pulling to reactive behaviors. Maybe your dog is well-behaved, but you want to tune things up or try out something new!

We offer both in-person and virtual lessons so no matter where you live, you can take advantage of personalized training solutions! If you are not sure which option is best for your dog, you are not alone! Quite a few people don’t know where to start or which direction to go, and that is okay! All of our training programs begin with an initial consultation that lets the trainer meet with you and your dog, talk through your goals, discuss hurdles or issues, and create a training plan. Our experienced trainer can provide you the best option that will make the most impact and set you and your dog up to thrive.

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Private Lessons

Private training offers one-on-one guidance and support with our trainer. This is great for people who want to be hands-on with their dog’s training, and want to improve their own skills as well. We will meet at your home or at a public location, and tailor each lesson to the concerns and goals that were identified in the discovery call. We will help you learn how to work with your dog effectively using positive reinforcement methods.

Virtual Lessons

Do you want to take advantage of what we have to offer, but don’t live in the Colorado Springs area? No problem! Virtual lessons are a great way to get access to a positive reinforcement trainer and information in a way that is accessible no matter where you are located. You will meet with our trainer via video chat, and create a plan to guide you through working with your dog in a fun, creative way.

Day Training

Our day training program allows for more experience and exposure for your dog. The trainer may work with your dog at your home while you’re away, or take your dog on a field trip to work on behaviors in a public setting. During the discovery call, the trainer will discuss goals to ensure that this is the right program for you and your dog. The day training program transfer lessons to position you and your dog up for success.

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